Fastest way to remove decrypted recordings from HDD


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Hi there, at the moment when I've decrypted recordings on my HD Fox T20 HDD, I copy the files off via the ethernet connection to another machine on my network, but it takes a long time, especially for several HD items. Is this really the only way it can be done, as just plugging the Humax HDD straight into my PC via USB doesn't work?
Or is there an incredibly useful package or something that allows me to copy the files on the HDD to a partition that will allow me the plug the drive into a PC or something?
thanks for any help!
You need an Ext3 driver for the PC. See Things Every... section 12. Alternatively, if you ran Linux on the PC (even from a live-boot CD/DVD), it would be able to access the drive directly (as well as the normal PC drive).
Thanks for the pointers, I've got Windows 8 so wasn't sure if Ext2Fsd would work, but I've got something similar and it seems to pretty much do the job.