Faulty recording



Recorded F1GP in HD on Sunday.
Watched at about -10 minutes using Chase Play from the Media List.

Got periodic audio and video glitches. I was occasionally jumping back a few jumps to watch an important move again but I couldn't tell if this caused a later glitch to be recorded at the current real-time position in the file (if you get my drift?).

I jumped back during the trophy ceremony and found that I was at 1:27hr, way back in the race, not at more like 1:48hr as I had expected.
FFWD dropped out to Media List and showed the program as 1:27 long.
FFWD to 1:26 and the program played past this point (but a Jump or FFWD would drop out again)
The file played to the end at 2:00hrs but trick play didn't work beyond the reported 1:27hr
Transport Banner stuck at 1:27 though the file (happily) played on.

I tried Shrink and that just produced a smaller file with the same reported 1:27 that was really 2:00 hours viewing time long.

I have run FixDisk in case that helps anything for the future.

HDD is about 50% full.

Any ideas appreciated.
The file played to the end at 2:00hrs but trick play didn't work beyond the reported 1:27hr
This sounds like a corrupt .nts file.

Do you have sysmon installed? Nothing is confirmed, but it is believed to exaggerate disk problems. I'm not sure fixdisk would help without running the long test first.
Thanks - I'll try uninstalling SysMon.

What is the long test for future reference ? I ran -x -c (I think !?)
A long test won't do any harm but shouldn't be necessary if the disk isn't reporting problems. fix-disk will automatically run a test if there are problems.
If the location of a fault is only found by a long test then the version of fix-disk included in CF 2.15 will not fix the problem. It would use the results from its own short test which would not show up the problem. A workaround for this is to install version 0.2 of the fix-disk package from the repository. This should work providing the disk is not mounted read only. This new version of fix-disk should eventually make it into the next version of CF.