Feature Idea/Request


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Firstly… To all developers and especially AF123 – thank you. Your hard work has meant a far greater experience with Humax HDR T2. On a personal note it has help me solve PVR issue remotely for my parents, out-laws and extended family. I’m a bit of an custom firmware evangelist.

I’m not sure how many people feel the same, but a killer feature for people with children would be an access/playback schedule feature which meant one could restrict screen time to certain hours. There has been a lot in the media about the amount of telly kids watch and that feature would certainly help. I’m sure some will argue “just tell them to turn it off”, and certainly that works too. As techies we like elegant solutions…and an access/playback schedule would certainly be that.
Can I suggest we have the mods change the title to something more specific, eg "Suggestion: Parental Access Controls".

You can lock recordings, but that wouldn't stop the tuner being used or new recordings being made.

Any proposal as to how this might be implemented?
You can lock channels, so a package could lock/unlock channels at boot time depending on the time of day.