Feature Request: Favourites Creator



Another cheeky feature request...

I've never been a fan of the "renumber" package - i much prefer using the humax on the box favourites feature to get rid of unwanted channels and re order the ones I want to keep.

That being said - actually creating the favorites list so that the channels appear in the correct order can be a pain.

Would it be possible to create the favourites list "off the box" and load it onto the humax? I assume it's technically possible because a favourites list created on the box can be backed up and restored using webif.

EDIT: Actually, where are the backups stored? Are they in a format that could be easily edited?
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The Favourites info. is contained in *.rbk files, e.g. :- /mod/var/backup/auto-2013-Feb-22-18:06.rbk, it is worth remembering that the *.rbk files contain not only any favourites list generated but also the recording schedule list, the favourites list is quite readable, but the recording schedule is not quite so straight forward, here is a part of a *.rbk file, it contains the last recording schedule event and the first few item in a favourites list :-
event   0       0       30      0       3       524445  3600    1409684400      0       WWW.CHANNEL4.COM/C4ED0140819162137146   1WWW.CHANNEL4.COM/58820/003|    Dogs: Their Secret Lives        1WWW.CHANNEL4.COM/58820/002|1WWW.CHANNEL4.COM/58820/001|        Channel 4 HD    Dogs: Their Secret Lives        00000000000000  50      0       4       0       600     120     0       0       1       0       37392   104     44281
event   0       0       0       1       7       0       0       1410147000      0                                                       20140908043000  0       0       0       0       0       0       0       0       6       0       0               0
fav     1       1       BBC ONE W Mid   915
fav     1       1       BBC ONE HD      916
fav     1       1       BBC TWO HD      917
fav     1       1       BBC THREE HD    918
fav     1       1       BBC FOUR        919
fav     1       1       ITV HD  920

You would have to take care not to mess up the format if you edited this file
Now that's an instance where I'd be inclined to make the program write two separate files.
Thanks Ezra - that file looks like it could be easy enough to edit - at least with respect to reordering the list - just a bit of careful cut and pasting :)

Would prefer a nice slick webif plugin to modify favourite lists but I'm happy enough modifying the backup file directly if there isn't enough interest to create the feature :)
I've never fount it that difficult to create a favourites list from the on-screen menus, I just keep a list if channel numbers e.g. 1, 101, 102, 105, 9, 103, 33, 6, 27, 10, 24, 4 etc. and enter them in that order, this removes the need to use the 'move' option which can get a bit tedious
Yeah its only because there are a few new channels that I want to put slap bang in the middle of my current list :)

I should just get on with doing it instead of investing all this time trying to work round it :)