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I'm currently copying to USB ahead of a warranty exchange. It would be useful if I could display the main HDD & USB HDD contents in side-by-side windows in the Web IF to do a quick compare.

A small point I've noticed it that during copy, the Web IF reports files that are copying as playing. That's on 2.12.

Just realised I can have multiple instances of the Web IF running. So can do what I want with two browser windows but it would be nicer in one.
If you're using Firefox there's a split view addon called 'split pannel' (I did insert the link but it was rejected as I don't have '10 posts'). It can display two pages split either horizontally or vertically.
What better place could there be? The only advice I could add is to make the topic title more descriptive on another occasion:

"Feature Request: Dual-Pane Media Browser in WebIF"

Just wondered if there was somewhere else where requests may be responded to? Wouldn't expect developers to be responding to dozens of daily requests but when posting this I searched & didn't find many others. Would be nice if the request was at least acknowledged.
The "developers" as you put it are the usual suspects with the knowledge and skills (mainly af123, but see "BYTs" in the Glossary), anyone who feels they are able to do this stuff are welcome to join in.

This forum is where things will come to their attention, and although user feedback relating to specific packages is usually posted in the topic for that package (in this case the WebIF) there is nothing wrong with raising a new topic for it (particularly for the WebIF, which is multifactorial and could do with a bit of subdivision!).

Things are a little slow at the moment; af123 is having his attention diverted elsewhere but he'll be back.