fhtcp 1.00.04 No typo

hummy virgin

New Member
Hi guys
If this software is any use to anyone give me a shout, i will keep it on the hummy for a week in
case anyone wants it.
What is the best upgrade path for me if any as I can choose almost all upgrades.
The reason I am asking is i have been lurking on this forum for a while and think some of you guys view upgrades as a tradeoff between new stuff and losing old functionality.
I am using 1.03.06 custom firmware 2.20 on my boxes, but I wouldn't advise going straight there from 1.00.04.
Thanks for your help brian and black hole.
Now using 1.02.32 and upgrading to custom firmware as soon as the wife will let me ...Eastenders...River City (scotland)...etc...etc...etc
Thanks again for not abusing a thick newbie.
Another recommended upgrade is to remove the horrible orange filter from the front panel display, making it a much nicer green display that can be seen quite easily when the box is in standby.