File backup and restore using FTP


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I can successfully download and upload files from my HDR-FOX T2 via FTP using FileZilla. I want to make backups of recordings I don't want to lose in case of HDD failure using this method because it's very fast.

Question... I know that these downloaded files won't play out of the T2 as they are encrypted, but in the event of an HDD replacement, if I just copy these downloaded files back to the new HDD on the T2 will they play? In other words, will the files be recognized in the machine with the replacement HDD?
Yes, they will still be playable from the new hard disk. The encryption key is held in a TPM on the motherboard and not the hard drive.
Do you worry about what happens if the T2 dies? You WILL lose all the recordings permanently.
prpr... These recordings aren't so valuable that I'll be mortally wounded if the T2 dies, so all I really need is a quick and dirty way of making a potential escape route. If it dies, it dies. Anyway, T2s never die do they?? :whistling:

Black Hole... as above really! :) . I've yet to experiment with the firmware on the machine, but I no doubt will.
Black Hole's link above also shows ways of getting decrypted recordings off your box without the customised firmware. Plugging in a USB drive and using the Humax to copy to that drive is fairly straight forward - but can be time consuming. As a 2000T user, the customised firmware isn't available to me - I ALWAYS use one of the methods in BH's link to save recordings - just in case. The ftp method is too quick and dirty for my liking - and unsafe as a backup.