File Rename Package?


I'm looking for a package that can automatically rename a file.

Basically if I get 2 shows back to back on a channel I manually set the recording to cover both shows, the problem then is that the filename is usually the show before the 1st one.

What I'd like to do is:

If filename = The Small, Intricate Life of.....ts

rename to:

Life, Death and Sex..., Coming Alive.ts

I've looked at sweeper and newk as I thought that they might be able to do the above but it doesn't look like they can.

Any way I can do the above rename?
I don't understand how a package will help when the original name and target name will apply to one example only. I think the issue of inappropriate file names due to combined recordings has been looked at before.
Sweeper is definitely the right place for this. It is well on its way to becoming the Swiss army knife of recording management.
It will need extending to support what you want but I'd planned to do that anyway.

For recordings like these, is the title shown on-screen right? I will be implementing this to accept tokens for the new filename so the existing %title token could be useful here. If I add two new tokens, %yyyymmdd and %hhmm then your rename rule would look something like:

[conditions] action {rename "%title %yyyymmdd %hhmm"}

with the rename action automatically replacing the spaces and other characters with underscores in the same way that the native firmware does.

Sweeper doesn't yet have 'rename' or those two tokens but it will have soon.

It should also be possible to add a condition which detects whether the filename is from the previous recording in the EPG.. but that will require more thinking about.
I've released a new sweeper version that should have the tools you need to do this. Like Black Hole, I'm still not exactly sure how you'd use this generally but it will certainly work for specific cases.