File transfer crashes Hummy?


I've just tried to off-load much HD recordings to a local NFTS USB drive having first installed NTFS 3g. I began queuing copies with the PVR remote and seemingly upon adding one programme too many crashed the Hummy (2.21:1.02.32). Is there queue size limit? I'm continuing only a few programmes at a time...

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We have similar reports. All I know is that I have in the past done block copies with no problems other than leaving it several days to finish the job.

You could try turning off the DLNA server (Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = Off) and then resetting the DLNA database (WebIF Diagnostics page). Alternatively switch to Ext3.


Thanks for the reply, but I've encountered another oddity. I reply on undelete to avoid my T2 drive filling but last night a couple of recordings failed because of a full destination drive within-box with a mostly-empty NTFS drive connected. Doesn't undelete distinguish between drives but perhaps calculates total remaining capacity across all volumes?


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Do you have the external somehow mapped so it becomes visible in the "My Video" folder? If so, it looks to me like its capacity does get counted.