Finally bothering with Freesat

SWMBO doesn't seem /too/ unhappy.
That's our carpet!:(

Thanks for doing that. What's that socket at the bottom right with the lead plugged in?
Network switch off picture to left ? I have a similar arrangement. My Foxsat-HDR and TV is connected same way with a pair of homeplugs because it's difficult to get from one end of my lounge by the TV to the rack containing most kit due to fireplace in the way. All the kit then goes to a single socket hard wired to router upstairs in study.
Clue: tidy quad sat faceplate, untidy whatever-it-is!

It's neat enough. Behind the TV at one end and behind a curtain at the other. It's just a cat5 cable with surface mount sockets at each end, extending my unfiltered 'phone line so that I don't need the VDSL box next to the master socket.

So why broadband and powerline? Is the powerline carrying the broadband off somewhere else?
Yes, to upstairs. Easiest solution given the way the house is built.

Have you stuck inline surge protectors on the sat and aerial inputs?
No, I'm struggling for space behind the plate as it is, even with a 47mm back box. Satcure reckons they're pointless anyway:
Ah, interesting about the lightning protectors. They screw into the front of the faceplate or rear of your box, anyway. I can see they will not protect against a direct strike but just stop the box being damaged in normal use. I have no specialized knowledge, but a quick Google produced conflicting reports, from essential to useless!
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If you get hit by lightning there is nothing on this earth that will protect your equipment.
In 40 odd years of owning houses/TVs I've experienced one near miss lightning strike (about 80M away) which made everything glitch for a moment but caused no damage. So I suspect the chances of getting a near miss that a surge protector will be effective for (close enough to cause damage but not close enough to overwhelm the SA) is so small that it's not worth the trouble and expense to fit SAs.

You also need to bear in mind that the surge will be induced in all the wiring in and around the house, not just aerial leads, so you'll need SAs all over the place. Probably easier to rely on the insurance to sort it out.