firmware question


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New to the forum, and to the Humax (mine arrived today). We were faithful Tivo users for years, until Virgin wrecked it all. Then we had Sky installed, quickly realised we didn't use it, and had it taken out as soon as the contract was up. Then we tried an Elgato Freesat thing, but on the elderly Mac Mini it was hopeless.

So now we have a shiny new Humax Freesat plumbed in, fixed IP address sorted, apparently running s/w 1.00.20, despite having down a download as soon as it was plugged in. My question is: Is the firmware in the Wiki consistent across all Humax PVRs? It would be a shame to brick it before it's actually recorded something ...

Thanks in advance.
Ah - no worries. I've sorted it after more Googling. Now have a web interface to (don't bother trying, it's behind a firewall :)