Firmware Update Stuck at 91%

Black Hole

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Yes, I know, we've all seen it and I was expecting it... but how long do I leave it before panicking? Been over 10 minutes now, which seems excessive.

Anybody know what happens if I pull the plug?

Ezra Pound

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I have never timed the proceedure but from from what I can remenber the whole process only took a couple of minutes
Did you literally pull the plug?, e.g. disconnect the mains supply and if so was the front button also used after re-connecting the mains supply?
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Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
What I did (in the stuck condition, having decided I had waited long enough but worried about the consequences) was the only thing it is possible to do: power-cycle it. It then recognised the firmware update again and everything proceeded normally the second time (to much relief).