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Firmware Update


New Member
I don't (yet) receive the HD channels where I am, and I don't have a (reliable) USB pen drive - is there any other way to update the firmware on my Hummy? After all it can connect to the internet to display iPlayer and such like, so can it download the updates?



Staff member
Unfortunately not, although it looks like it might be an option in a future version of the portal, OTA via the HD Mux or USB disk are the only options at the moment.

USB disks are cheap enough nowadays - especially as you only need 20MiB for the software update so even an old 32MB drive would do. The Humax has been reported to be a bit picky about USB drives though, although all of mine work fine.

Black Hole

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I would suggest going the cheap portable drive route. I'm not having much success formatting a USB stick as Ext3, but the Humax will format a USB drive for you. Although you will need extra drivers to access Ext3 on a PC, and the Humax doesn't need Ext3 for firmware updates, if you do want to move large video files by USB you will need Ext3.
Just a quick thought. I don't think you'll get a USB stick big enough for the box to format. It needs a minimum partition size for some things and I think that puts it past most sticks. Maybe it'll work with 64Gb? I know it won't work for a 16Gb stick, and I haven't got anything bigger to try with.