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Firmware Upload

I think the handset mode is ok unless you can correct my thinking, as I have the luxury of another "good" HB-1000S box to check functionality side by side. That's why I think it is a box issue rather than a handset issue as there is full unctionali8ty with the good box and limited on the problem box with the same handset. Will check the instructions you posted as nothing can be ruled out!

The help I found on the loader was written for the Foxsat, but its the same loader. It details the formatting etc and recommends a 1gb stick. A lot more helpful and accurate than the instructions on the Humax support site!

I used the USB on the back panel below the Ethernet port.

Upgrade Procedure (for Loader & Firmware)

After having spent many hours trying to get a memory stick recognised by the Humax Foxsat HDR, I finally got it working. Here is the solution (in detail):

· Use a 1GB memory stick. It is possible larger capacity USB sticks may work (but you'd need to try them).

· Fully Re-Format it (do not use 'Quick Format') to FAT32 4096 byte Allocation Unit Size/Cluster Size. To do this put the stick into the USB socket of your PC, click on "Computer" or "My Computer" and highlight the memory stick with one left mouse click then right mouse click on it and choose "Format".

· Choose "File System" FAT32 and Allocation Unit Size 4096 Bytes. Uncheck "Quick Format" under Format Options and click the "Start Button". This process will erase the entire contents of the Memory Stick - so back up anything you want to keep first! It should take several minutes to complete.

· Copy the Humax firmware to the memory stick and make sure that the file name is FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf. If the firmware you have downloaded from the Humax site is called something different, then rename the file and ensure that it has the necessary ".hdf" file extension.

· Verify the firmware is on the memory stick. It must not be in a folder on the memory stick - so place it in the root of the drive. There should be no other files on the stick, other than the Humax Firmware.

· Prepare the box - With the Foxsat in "Standby" (red light on front panel) open the front cover and plug in the memory stick into the front panel USB socket.

· Apply the software upgrade - Press and hold the Foxsat's silver front panel "Standby" switch for 30 seconds with your TV powered "on". After just a few seconds the download screen should be displayed. Continue holding the button pressed until the 30 seconds is up and then release.

· Wait for download completion - When the firmware upgrade is completed the on-screen menu will say "Success Downloading" and the Front Panel display should show "End".

· Re-boot - Press the Standby button again and then re-boot the Foxsat HDR with its firmware update applied.

· Job done!

· Say thank-you - Please link to this page if you found this useful - 'Tweet' it or 'Facebook Like' it to help others find a solution!
What do you mean by limited. Can you clarify. Are both boxes remotes and boxes set to the default of mode 1 (either remote should control the other box), or was one reset to a different mode so the remotes do not clash ? If both mode 1 does both remotes work the one box. Using the 0 + OK does the problem box report a mode change pop up stating current mode is 1. If so does changing it to another restore remote control ?


New Member
Checked handset mode change on good HB-1000S box and it was in mode 1. I was able to change into mode 2 and then back to mode 1 ok.

Disconnected "good" box and connected "bad" box. Box booted to initial setup screen responding to handset power on button. Went into mode change but no change message appeared on screen. Could change mode on handset (STB red light flashing for change) but no on screen confirmation. Changed to mode 2 and back to mode 1, but no STB response to either.

Reconnected "good" box and checked that handset was in mode 1 and everything still worked ok.

"Bad" box will respond to on/standby, mute and volume up/down buttons only.