First time poster - cable issues ?

Peter L. Jones

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First time poster and first time on the Freeview/HUMAX PVR so bear with me if this has been asked already !
I’ve recently ditched my SKY +HD box in favour of the HUMAX HD FOX T2, and I guess I’ve cabled up something wrong – let me explain;
· My HUMAX box has now replaced my SKY box and it has a CO-AX input from the digital ariel to the box and then a CO-AX output to the TV (SONY) .

· The HUMAX signal to the TV is via HDMI.

· All this works fine

Additionally I have a Samsung TV upstairs which has Freeview built-in, and prior to the HUMAX coming along this connected to the digital ariel and worked fine.
Now that I’ve added the HUMAX (and it’s connection to the digital ariel) whenever I turn the HUMAX off I lose the signal to the Samsung.
A third TV has a cheap DigiBox (Dion from Tesco’s) with the same ariel connection and still works fine with no problems when the HUMAX is switched off.
At the moment the easy obvious and solution is to leave the HUMAX powered on, so I can still get a signal on the Samsung but why is this happening ?
Thanking you in anticipation
It doesn't entirely make sense, but have you tried turning off the power saving in standby option in the Humax menus? That will make the Humax leave its tuner powered on when it's in standby.

Not that the Samsung should be dependant on the Humax's tuner being live unless it's connected after it (like the Sony is) but worth a try to help narrow down the problem.
If the Samsung is downstream of the Humax then obviously you need signal pass-through in standby. If it is upstream - do you need antenna power?