Five users banned


Wow. Just wow.
I found it all faintly amusing at first, then it started to get a bit silly, now it's just plain weird. Reading back through some of their posts one wonders what on earth they expected to achieve? First step - next we'll conquer the WORLD mwahaha!!!

Anyway well done to all who managed to keep a level head - hope BH comes back soon!


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I can't see why you made this statement in the middle of this thread, anything else to confess?
I can't see why you posted this either.
It wasn't a confession. None of it is, or was, true. It was all made up guff. Happy now?
(It isn't a hamster as they don't have tails like that - it's a dormouse; they don't live for 7 years, ever; it's not my picture anyway - I nicked it from somewhere 'cos I liked it; I'm definitely male, well, I was the last time I looked down anyway, and don't have any plans on changing; I wasn't offended by EEPhil, as I'm sure he knows)


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Do you think that we could draw a line under this and move on?

Perhaps lock this thread?

Just a thought.


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Not yet because I still have a concern that it might flare up again.
That is a problem. I don't like it, but I'm now suspicious of every "new" member posting something vaguely similar to the banned users. Even more so when the new user last posted about a couple of years ago.


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Dang it. I'd not been reading threads I wasn't interested in, like the Nicesplice one, so I missed all this fun. :(

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Where is BH?
He's back! All that nasty nonsense coincided with the run up to a family funeral (no flowers necessary) which provided a natural break to step away and let it all die down. I took a digital detox; af kept me apprised.

Knowing it might take a while to catch up again, I reserved that "pleasure" for the first day I had no other commitments to compromise... that's today!

(Anyone still here with an overdeveloped sensitivity to offence can take this as fair warning: I don't set out to offend... but I will not surrender to Political Correctness!)
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