[Fixed] Problem with registering?

Black Hole

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I suspect there has been a problem introduced when the forum migrated servers a few days ago. Somebody on AVForums mentioned they had tried to sign up but failed. I reproduce the post below:

speedwell;14824894 said:
I'm trying to register at hummy.tv. If there any admins from there looking here. I believe their email sending to be broken
I've beeen trying for a while.
Unfortunately the means of contacting them, appears to use the same email method. :hiya:

My compliments to the folks who are providing the modified firmare and packages. They're doing a fine job.

Sorry about this, if you can hang on Michael will look into this.

It is not something we (mods) have access to check and correct.
Thanks for your response. I have been prompted to have another look, I guess all we can do is wait and hope.
Good afternoon, folks..

I do keep an eye on this forum but been really busy lately.

For the time being I have disabled email confirmation upon registering and will look into this over the weekend. I have also enabled all accounts that where awaiting confirmation.


I think that this problem has returned, with no new entries in the "Newest Members" section since 2nd November, are the confirmation emails working?

Perhaps this is related to the problem in This Thread.

Edit: This has now been fixed (13/11/11)
Fixed now, I've also completed all the pending registrations as you'll see there are now over 960 members :)

Happy days, I was scratching my head and checking my junk mail.

There is no way of contacting anyone on the site if you aren't registered!
They're still complaining over on the DS Forums that password reset emails are not arriving.
In case it's useful info: This time I am still getting all the new post notifications through (which had also stopped when I reported the '2nd November Issue' last time)
I'm unclear about alerts and watched threads since the migration. It seems that every thread to which I contribute automatically becomes a 'watched' thread by default and generates an 'alert'. What the effect of this 'alert' is don't know, since the email option seems to be off on every thread by default. I no longer receive emails about the small number of threads for which I did receive emails prior to the migration. I haven't set any new emails since the migration, so I don't know if they work.

So just what is an 'alert'? Why are they ON by default? Why do they have no effect on anything I can see? How can I turn them OFF globally, rather than thread by thread if I don't want them cluttering up my account? What's the point of a 'watched' thread if they're ALL watched by default as soon as you contribute?
@fenlander a good question. I had a dig around....

Alerts show up in the top menu next to the Log Out button and tell you there's new stuff you haven't seen yet (plus more which you can set in 'Alert Preferences' in the menu under your forum name at the top of the screen. I guess it's a way to see the latest activity without clogging up your email but maybe it's more for people who are logged into the forum most of the time. It looks like all the boxes are ticked by default.

Then versus your email alerts if you're not in the forum all the time - there are options under Preferences to control whether threads are watched automatically and whether you want an email or not. Turn off the Automatic watch option then specify the threads you really do want. Maybe in the migration your old settings got reverted to default. Does this help?
Yeah, that makes some sort of sense. I guess I've been spending too much time over in DS and I'm more used to the way that forum works. I'd better spend some times editing my preferences.