Fixing LCD at front


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Hi folks,

The LCD on my HD has gone on my Hummy - is there any way to fix this easily or is it a case of just sucking it up? image 2.JPG image1.JPG

Any advice greatly received!



Black Hole

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Is the display LCD? It looks like the actual segments are glowing rather than being rear-illuminated, so that makes it LED or VFD.

The only chance you have is if you can track down the problem to a poor contact. There may be a ribbon cable (or flex foil) which connects the display to the circuit board, or the display itself may be in a socket of some kind. Careful!

Ezra Pound

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I'll bet that the display segments are multiplexed, if they are it's not going to be a cable or connector problem as the same segment would be missing from all 4 digits. It would have to be dry joint to that single segment or a faulty segment