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Folders on External Drive


I have tens of archived films on an EXT3 formatted drive and would like to make some folders to organise them a little better. I can create folders OK on the humax drive, and blue button Function/make folder is available and apparently allows me to name a new folder on the external drive. But then these folders are not visible on the external drive? Is it possible to create folders on the external drive?

It's a lot easier if you use a PC. Install EXT2FSD and change the default read only to read/write.


Alternatively create a Linux boot disc for your PC.

Slax is very easy to use. If you move files this way you will have to choose rename on the Foxsat (no need to actually change anything) to correct the file path in one of the support files. You do know the Foxsat won't play external video unless you use AV2HDR to create the required .hmt and .nts sidecar files.