Force Humax Startup Channel

Is there a way to make the Humax HDR FOX T2 with CFW to start on a channel you choose, I have put it in standby when on many different channels, but each time It boots up it always starts on channel 200.

I have looked into the webif settings but I can't find anything there that would allow this, am I missing something ...

Thanks in advance.


Staff member
It looks like you have the disable-ota package installed, this is likely to be causing your box to boot to LCN 200. The default setting is to create a scheduled reminder on LCN 200, to cover the OTA period.
You can change the default LCN to one of your own choice, or turn off the reminder in disable-ota settings.

There is also the poweron-channel package which allows you to "Set a default channel that is selected every time the Humax is powered on. Can also set the power-on volume".