Force "retune" from web interface


Question: How do I force an EPG refresh from the web interface?

Background - I have two foxsat HDRs that I don't use often - so I power them off.
Tonight The Management has commanded a recording of an R4 Extra programme and the EPG is a month out of date. There's no way (??) that I can force and update easily without going into the box setup and 'retuning' from a tv - but I have to switch that on - and that defeats the exercise.

The other set doesn't have a PC connected and it takes ages to refresh itself via its own TV interface that one day I'll miss a recording through not planning ahead.

What - if anything - am I doing wrong (other than doing what I want, when I want)??
You can't. The custom firmware does not provide access to the normal functionality of the box (except by virtual remote control - if it exists for Foxsat - but would still require the TV screen to provide visual feedback of what's going on). CF does give you additional management capabilities, mainly confined to manipulating the file system and recording files.

You shouldn't need to perform a retune just to get the EPG to update though, but I'll leave that to a Foxsat expert to sort out.
By powering them off do you mean that they actually don't have any power at all or that they are in standby? If in standby, they should wake up at 03:00 for the housekeeping boot which updates the EPG.

You could consider leaving them in standby and install my new Remote Scheduling package (rs) which allows you to schedule recordings from the Remote Scheduling Portal (Website, not the built-in WebIf). You would need to set up a time window during which the boxes are automatically powered on and can receive and execute commands from the RS server, eg from 07:00-07:30. You would need to plan a little ahead as adding a scheduled event requires a power cycle after it has been received on the box to take effect. So if at 10:30 you discover that you want to record something the same day at 22:30 you can't, as the box won't wake up to receive commands until 07:00 the next day. But if you want more flexibility you can add daily watch events on the boxes, eg. at 12:00 and 18:00, the box will then carry out RS commands during those windows as well.

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Hope this helps.