Forgets settings and channels


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My HD-Fox works fine with 1.02.20 fw + CF, but from time to time it seems to forget the channels and retunes (I think it is not the automatic retune feature, the DisableOTA is on and it works). It also forgets the Static IP address and goes back to DHCP. It forgets some other settings like Time Shift Recording. It happens randomly (last time it was at 17.45) when I turn it on even it seemed to work fine 10 minutes earlier.
After rescanning and resetting it works fine for days, weeks, months, depends on the luck.

I have tried to search it, read through the "Every HD owner..." but couldn't find similar topic or problem.

I would be grateful for any idea or suggestion.

Thank you,

1.02.20 does not suffer automatic retunes, but if it did you would need disable-dso to control them not disable-ota. See Preventing External Events from Disturbing the CF (click).

As you are using the HD-FOX as a recorder you must have an external HDD. See whether disconnecting it makes operation more stable - you may need to re initialise the disk. The only other thing to try is a factory reset.
Stuff like IP address and channel setup is stored in the non-volatile memory on board the device, not on the hard disk.
I'm aware of that, but who knows what might happen if there are disk problems.

One other suggestion: I find my HD-FOX responds differently if turned off at the mains for an extended period.
Thank you Black Hole and prpr for the quick reply.
Yes, there is an external HDD and yes there has been a problem with it (deleting files) but after it has been checked and fixed with fsck it seemed to work fine. However it might not be the case.
I think, I need to reinstall everything to get a clean system first and see its behaviour.
Take a look here. Reset the unit to factory defaults: this will delete and recreate the settings database. You will then have to set up your unit again: the installation wizard will run after rebooting.
Thank you MontysEvilTwin.
I didn't even know that I've got a Wizard inside the box :) but your link seems to be the answer to my problem.
Additional information: as I can remember the Wizard got excited first a couple of years ago when there was a tremendous thunder storm near here with powerful lightning. Even the BT landline cable was damaged. It might kick off some bits in my HD-Fox too.