Formatting new 3TB Drive


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Just off this subject... i just purchased a 3TB drive for my humax and upgraded the firmware to 3.10 intending to replace the internal drive A quick read of the forums indicate this is possible using the disk utilities, has anyone wrote a procedure for this yet. If so can you direct me to it please?
I just updated the Wiki slightly to make it a bit clearer. The built-in telnet menu has a routine to do the whole job for you.
  • Connect to the telnet menu;
  • Choose the option to enter maintenance mode;
  • Connect to the telnet menu again;
  • Choose the option to 'Re-format disk using GPT scheme.'
  • Answer yes a few times to confirm that you really want to reformat the disk;
  • Exit maintenance mode.
There's something in the pre-requisites section.. the whole page probably needs a reshuffle.
Yes but i have been using my humax as a filestore (500MB) that i am now moving elsewhere, i may reconnect the existing drive to the external usb port to transfer my media to the new drive if it works ok.
There's something in the pre-requisites section..
I know, but it's just a "so what" as it stands. The risk needs spelling out.

the whole page probably needs a reshuffle.
It's not that bad, but perhaps it can lose the "Work in Progress" flag now. Otherwise I think it is enough (although I personally advocate links from wiki pages back to relevant forum discussions, where anyone wanting clarification can find previous traffic and/or post a question).