Formatting usb drive on HD Fox T2


If I format the usb drive on my HD T2, does the system load up the the additional folders etc needed for CF operation, or do I have to do something via the Web-if? I currently don't have access to the Humax from my computer.
I don't understand. What additional folders are needed, and for what aspect of CF operation?
Is this just for acting as medium from which to load the CF basic software?
If you are talking about a USB hard drive to use for recording programmes as well as hosting the CF, you first need to format it using the Humax menus and set it up for recording. Then install the CF and complete the CF configuration using network access and a web browser. The configuration stage performs any necessary folder creation etc.

If it is a USB stick (UPD) solely for hosting the CF, you need to install the CF and then access the Telnet menus to prepare the UPD prior to completing the CF configuration.

It is possible to use the CF without Internet access, but this is more appropriate for the HDR-FOX than an HD-FOX - it will be tricky on a HD-FOX and it is difficult to see what the benefit would be. Your first step should be to connect the HD-FOX to your home network and ensure you can access the TV Portal (iPlayer etc). At the very least, you need to connect the Humax to your home network temporarily even if you then disconnect it once configured.

For details see post 2 in the Quick Start Guide (click).
Thanks for the replies.
I didn't explain very well. The HD-FOX has CF installed and the usb drive has folders which appeared at that time. This is the same drive I use for recording. I don't currently have a connection to the internet from the HD-FOX because I am moving house. So the question is, if I format the existing usb drive will I still be able to record to it or do I need to do things via the web?
I hope that makes sense.
You'll be fine for standard features such as recording. The CFW will become dormant until you point a web browser at the box and reinstall the initial environment.
I don't need to, but I'm thinking of connecting a new drive and wondered how the HD-Fox would cope with a "blank" disc because of the CF.
I should get my network running soon so there will be no problem then (hopefully!).