Fox HDR Antenna through to TV issue



I have just updated one of my boxes to the latest version 3.13 (28.04.2017) - All went well - or so I thought
The wife complained that the TV had stopped working ?
She watches via the TV interface not the PVR - On checking there is no RF signal to the TV from the PVR
I checked and replaced the RF cable and also checked the signal on the PVR via the web interface and all OK
Bypass the PVR and connect the RF direct from the socket to TV and all OK
So I looked for an antenna switch option on the PVR settings and could not find one - Both standby and power down are set to off
If I power down the PVR I get a signal to the TV
I checked the manual and all PVR settings I could see nothing obvious I was doing wrong
I can easily rig up a splitter and bypass the PVR RF output but it was working before the update and its bugging me that its not now
Am I missing something stupidly obvious !?



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Antenna switch option: see Things Every... (click) section 7 (but it tells you what you already know). There should always be a pass-through when the HDR is running, it's only in standby that pass-through is optional.

This is certainly not a fault with the firmware update, otherwise we would all be complaining (I mostly use the HDR as a tuner instead of the TV, for convenience, but would still have noticed). I suppose it could be a fault with the actual insertion of the firmware into the unit (doesn't seem likely), you could try restoring a previous version or even overwriting the latest version.

It's also hard to see how this could be a hardware failure if pass-through works in some circumstances but not others.

Have you absolutely ruled out HDMI interference? Disconnect the HDMI cable and see if the picture comes back.


Hi Thank you all for taking the time to reply
I have been away a couple of days and as if by magic the issue has disappeared ??!!
I feel as if I have been in a twilight zone moment :)

I checked my other box which also had the firmware update - this is a remote box not connected to anything except aerial and internet. Hooked it up to a TV and as has been said firmware OK as there would have been a huge outcry
I mentioned previously that it worked when PVR powered down "If I power down the PVR I get a signal to the TV"- I meant standby mode sorry for confusion
I also did a readjustment of all the cables behind TV including the HDMI switcher and HDMI cables - So this HDMI Interference could have come into play somewhere
The main thing is its now working and the Mrs is happy
I am now off to play with my overheating remote box - Fitting a new fan as the other one has not spun up for ages and does not spin up when set to 100% - So I hope its just the fan and not the board - PVR fun :)