Fox T2 dead


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It looked like it was unplugged from the mains - dead.
I checked the mains fuse - OK
I checked the internal connections after opening the lid - OK
I followed an earlier entry which suggested pressing the front panel button 10 times, after 12 times it powered up but was stuck on 'system start' for several minutes. Then it worked fine. Don't know why this happens but I have a suspicion it may be a firmware update which is interrupted by switching off.
As far as I know there has not been an non-manual update for the HD Fox for some two years. My box is on standard 1.02.28 (May 2012); 1.02.29 is available for manual update according to BH's info-thread "Things every ...". And, of course, there are customised software options.

What software version(s) is the box running?
Was there a power-interruption in your area?