FOX T2 Hacking?


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Interestingly, the T2 seems to produce output on ttyS2 when certain things are happening. Can't make any sense out of it though.

humax# opkg install jpnevulator
Installing jpnevulator (1.3.0) to root...
Configuring jpnevulator.
humax# jpnevulator --ascii --read --tty /dev/ttyS2
06 01 12 13                                    ....
06 01 12 13                                    ....
06 01 12 13                                    ....

The numbers change when you do things on the remote control..

EDIT 2013-03-03: /dev/ttyS2 is the interface to the MICOM (front panel controller) and is now mostly understood.

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I think you must be referring to Telnet. Look it up in the Wiki. Bear in mind you are reading a topic where the last post is nearly two years old, much has developed since then.

I think you need to start with catch-up reading - see the links in my signature panel below this post.


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af123 gr8 work
but how do you logged in the box is it with uart port or something else

I'm not sure what you mean. Humax boxes running customised firmware have a telnet server on them by default.

Enjoying reading this old thread again : )

Remote scheduling, web interface to download recordings remotely if away from home, enhanced portal style functionality (Facebook, Twitter etc), bittorrent client.

Big tick there then : )


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i am working in a humax box prodct no. is ir1030hd its same as fox t2 the open source is available on the web site but its produces without lan port or any thing just the pins inside like a uart ports and jtagport but i think the jtagport is protected and the board part no. is VTC-hd cpu B/D rev1.1 so i need to know how to login to the box there is no lan connector and there is only one usb connector i need to know how to compile this file with each other and get hdf file that this humax can accepted and the list of files i have is **68_busybox- *** 68_config_IR1030HD **** 68_crosstools_sf-linux- **** 68_e2fsprogs-1.40.8.tar *** 68_jpegsrc.v6b.tar *** 68_libexif-0.6.16.tar *** 68_stblinux-2.6.12.tar ****68_uclinux-rootfs-2.6.12-4.2.tar many thanks for your effort and gr8 work

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If the IR1030HD does not have a LAN connector logging on is going to be difficult. There is a thread about the Humax HDR Fox-T2 serial port HERE but no-one ever got it working


Genuinely struggling to think of something I want the CF to do that it can't....

Maybe a plex server? Transcoding would be out of the question though (I assume).

I really have got the the stage where I take all he CF features for granted - it's a testament to all your hard work that if my HDR Fox T2 broke I'd be looking for a second hand one to replace it - not bad for a 7 year old device.

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It would if Top Gear said "Alexa, record Top Gear"! But yes, I did think the integration would be rather more tricky.