Fox T2 wifi solution?


Can anyone tell me if it's possible plug in a wifi usb stick into a fox t2 to connect to a wifi network? My router is upstairs because I have a t2 in bedroom and other internet stuff (Philips hue, mycloud drive) will I have to use home plugs do you think because my new t2 is in the lounge downstairs.

Thanks in advance and also thank you for the help I got when repairing my t2 (front panel replacement) a few months back, it is still working like new.

Ezra Pound

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It is possible to connect an HD / HDR-Fox T2 to a network using a Wi-Fi USB dongle, but you have to use one that the Humax can 'see', Humax sell their own device, but you can use cheaper alternatives, there is a list on the Wi-Ki HERE


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Yes, but it has to be a dongle with an RT3070 chipset. There is info on the wiki, but there are fewer models available now. One of the best dongles still on sale is the Tenda W311U+ which comes with a detachable antenna. You can get one from an Amazon seller or eBay for about £12 delivered. One seller on Amazon wants >£500 for one! All I can think is that it comes with two complementary gold sovereigns in the pack.
The HD-FOX only has one USB port so if you have a hard drive or USB stick attached you will need a USB hub. With a dongle/ USB stick combination an unpowered hub will be fine. You might be OK with a dongle and USB hard drive powered from the same port, but you may need either a powered hub or drive. I ran a dongle/ 500GB portable hard drive (WD) on a HD-FOX without extra power but it could not power a 500GB HGST drive with the same dongle attached.


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You could also us a TP-Link nano router (TL-WR702N or similar).
This would connect to the hummy Ethernet port, it would be transparent to the hummy.
There are references to this approach elsewhere on this forum.

This setup would appear just like an Ethernet link to the hummy.

Other solutions would include HomePlug options.