foxsat hdr error code "cannot find hdd"

John Glazebrook

New Member
i have had the box for nearly 4 years. Recently I had initially noticed that a number of recordings I had programmed did not record.

Later I found that recordings would freeze and then my box would freeze. Only switching the box on and off would sort out the freezing. I noticed that the problem appeared to happen on HD recordings.

My saved recordings then disappeard completely and I could not access the "media" button on the remote.

I rebooted a couple of times, heard some weird sounds coming from the box.

I now cannot record from the TV. I now have an error warning stating that the "HDD cannot be found" i can still access all tv programmes but a "boot" takes ages

question, is the box knackered. Is there anything i can do before i buy another one
Sounds a bit like all you need to do is to change the hard drive. It's a good box, so I would try to get it working again rather than shelling out on a new one. But I'm sure that an expert will be along in a minute and give you some further advice.
Disconnect the hard drive, if the box boots in a normal time it's near certain the HDD is toast. Replacing it with a AV drive up to 1TB is dead easy as the box does all the setup for you. If you have a sata drive caddy and a PC with EXT3 (Linux) driver installed you may be able to recover some/all of the recordings.