Foxsat HDR: lost my saorsat channels spontaneously

Matt D

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I'm hoping someone can help here, as I'm out of ideas.

This week, after working flawlessly for over a year, my box started showing "No or bad signal" for all channels from saorsat (Irish Ka-band HD service). I'd presumed it was a problem with the dish alignment, so I called out my installer. To cut a long story short, after trying everything else and reducing the physical setup to a new cable straight from a new LNB, we found that another (non-Humax) receiver was able to see the channels, but mine wasn't. Weird.

I've tried a factory reset and numerous retunes. I can still see all the freesat channels from 28.2E, but all the channels from 9e are gone.

All I can think of is that the 9e channels (which are Ka-band, whatever that means...) require different electronics and that those are fried. But I'm hoping someone here can tell me that's nonsense (or that it's a plausible explanation and a known problem).

I am using Raydon's custom firmware, but not really sure that's relevant, so apologies for cross-posting to both forums.

p.s. my account isn't yet allowed to post URLs, but if you want info on saorsat tuning, try googling "saorsat tuning" and the first result should be from the tvtrade dot ie site.

Matt D

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Turns out that Saorsat changed their FEC setting from 1/2 to 2/3, without any announcement that I could find on their website, twitter feed, etc.

Luckily I stumbled across a posting on
Trivial to retune, just bizarre it was done so silently.