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Foxsat hdr no longer shows in my network


New Member
Hi all
Yesterday all was fine, today it's hit the fan.
My foxsat hdr is no longer showing
My network in win7.
Also Filezilla won't work either,
Been trying to sort it out
, but to no avail.
I've had enough for today . I'll
Have a bash tomorrow .
Any help would be nice thanks


New Member
sorry I forgot to say, when starting filezilla I am presented with a message saying "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server"
I'm stuck please help.


Well-Known Member
I assume you are using
Custom firmware
the HDR because it does
not natively support

Why does your post contain so many unecessary new lines ? Sentences are much easier to read if they are in a straight line. Humax have recently released a new firmware OTA which will have overwritten the customised version, so disabling the FTP function. You need to reflash your HDR with the latest custom firmware which does support this latest Humax revision and so will not be overwritten by the OTA. Read this thread on AV forums for details. http://www.avforums.com/forums/freesat/1517610-media-file-server-bundle-foxsat-hdr-release-4-0-a.html


New Member
Thankyou for your reply ,I've now got the new firmware and I'm using tinyftp for moving what I need onto the HDR. The web interface is great. Thanks for your reply.