Foxy site has disappeared

Iain Hodgman

New Member

I'm trying to download a copy of Foxy from the links posted on but it appears the 4shared site is no longer with us or is experiencing technical problems:

I've tried to locate an alternative site but not having much success. Do anyone know of a mirror site where the utility can be downloaded from.

The custom firmware moved to Zippyshare, but Foxy is under Raydon's remit. Perhaps a link needs updating.
The link to Foxy from the first post of THIS thread is working OK, I have just downloaded it myself.
Thanks for checking it out. I've tried again and I still get the following error message. Used both IE9 and Firefox:

note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat

Is anyone else having issues or it just me accessing the 4shared site?