FreeMakeVideo crashing


I've had an issue with the current version of FreeMakeVideo (3.0.1) with HD files (SD are fine)

It crashes sometime after it reaches about 30 minutes in to a recording

If using a recording that is less than 30 minutes it sometimes works OK

There seems to be an issue round about the 30 minutes mark that causes it to crash

As I have a triple boot PC with XP 32bit, Vista 32bit and W7 64bit on it, I have tested with all of those OS's and it crashes in all of them

I've also tried different conversions and settings and it crashes with everyone I've tried

The only way to get it to work is to go back to an older version of the software (2.4.0), and this now appears, at the moment, to complete OK

Is anybody else seeing this issue with v3.0.1 on HD files?
I'm afraid since the edit on the box came out I haven't done any off the box work at all - I suspect the lack of replies might be because everyone is doing the same thing. I know fenlander was a fan of freemake (he got me onto it) so he might be along at some point with a view?
I'm afraid I'm with jonesey here. I use on-box editing for removing ads in programmes I'm time-shifting. Most of the material I watch is from the BBC and, despite reports to the contrary, I find accurate recording on BBC channels to be so good that no editing is needed. If I really want to archive a programme, I generally just download a version from the web that someone else has spent time trimming and transcoding.

I'm still looking forward to the promised release of Splash Player EX with editing facilities, though.
Since my first post, even with v2.4 it still crashes

The recording is of one of the Six Nations games from last weekend

I have used niceplice to cut out the start, half time and the end, so that it just leaves the two halves of the game - it comes out at over 8GB in size

I wanted to convert it to MPEG4 so that the quality is virtually the same, but the file size drops to about 3.5GB

FreeMakeVideo just crashes when converting - I've tried many different formats to convert to, but all of them crash with this HD file

I even tried converting with the 'original' full recording without anything cut out, but it still crashes

Another puzzling thing happens also - previously FreeMakeVideo was no good for 'editing' the HD recording as it would crash, that is why I was using nicesplice, but with this particular recording, I can edit/cut sections from this HD file in FreeMakeVideo without crashing

Before Christmas, it was working OK, as I converted the HD Pirates of the Caribbean recording with no problem, but recently it fails every time on all HD recordings

I first thought it was something to do with my PC, but I have wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Windows, but it still crashes

As previously stated, I have a triple boot system with XP, Vista and 7, and it crashes in them all - I've even set up XP and Vista using Virtual PC in W7, but it still crashes

I have now gone back to the current version of FreeMakeVideo, and now the crashing happens after just 2 minutes, so the v2.4 was better

If I record a short excerpt from a HD program (5 minutes worth), it converts OK

It is as if the converting process is too long for FreeMakeVideo to complete, and it crashes before it reaches the end

It is so annoying

My next move is to go back to a previous version of my graphics driver, as I seem to remember there was an update somewhere around Christmas time
have you checked that the crashing is not due to the P.C. running out of disk space / Temporary work space?
There is plenty of disk space of each of the hard drive for each OS, and plenty of RAM spare

But you have got me thinking about the pagefile size - I'll increase it to see if it makes any difference
Increasing the pagefile made no difference

I have also installed the program on a different PC, and it crashes there also, so it's not my main PC at fault

I'm in the process now of downloading all the previous versions of the program, and will install them one at a time and try the conversion with each one

Hopefully I will find a sweet one, but I'm starting to suspect the file itself, or more importantly BBC HD files - all the HD recording I've tested with have been BBC ones, whereas the Pirates of the Caribbean film I tried at Christmas was ITV HD, and that one worked OK

I'll record ITV HD and C4 HD programs tomorrow, and test it again
I've given up on FreeMakeVideo, it just crashes for all my HD recordings

I now started to use Avidemux

It has loads more configuration options, and you can edit/cut HD recordings without crashing unlike FreeMakeVideo
Personally, I find it easiest to crop ads on the box through NiceSplice package and then put the cropped file through Handbrake to convert to desired format.

Might have to give Avidemux a go though as never tried that before.
Not played yet so I'm only flagging it up as a possibility, but my video editor (Serif MoviePlus) refuses to import the .ts files despite being supposedly H.264 compatible. The new "Extract to MPG" WebIF OPT+ option (available for decrypted recordings) might make the content accessible to a greater range of apps than the original .ts.
There certainly seems to be a compatibility problem with some HD files from the Humax. I've been trying to convert a couple of these by a variety of means:
- copying to a local PC via Webif v. decrypt in place
- processing the whole file v. trimming off the header with nicesplice first
- pre-processing the file with tsMuxeR or tsRemux first
- using Freemake v. Avidemux
In one case - a 6Gb film from C4HD, the file processed immediately in Freemake with no problems. In the other - a 5Gb file from BBC1HD, nothing would work. Freemake locked up as soon as the recode was started. TsMuxer was unable to load the audio stream. TsRemux found 2 audio streams but was unable to remux either of them. Avidemux produced a succession of errors before crashing. It remains a puzzle, but I will give the 'Extract to MPG' option a try, provided the file sizes involved are not too enormous.
Gave it a quick try with some short clips:
SD file, decrypted, extracted to MPG. Plays in all players, converts with Freemake
HD files (2) ditto, do not play in VLC or Splash, play in Pot Player without sound, convert with Freemake but without sound.
I was surprised to see that all the mpg files were significantly smaller that the original ts files. Also, 'extract to MPG' produces a long list of errors on the Humax. Is 'extract to MPG' intended to work with HD files?
MediaInfo reports the HD 'extract to MPG' file as:-

Container - MPEG-PS - Video Stream AVC, Audio Stream MPEG Audio
First Video Stream - 1440*1080 (16:9), at 25fps, AVC (High@L4.0) (CABAC/4 Ref Frames)
First Audio Stream - MPEG Audio

It will not play video or audio in VLC, WMP, MPC, ZoomPlayer or Nero Showtime

As you would expect, it plays perfectly on the Hummy, but with no transport controls apart from pause

Avidemux crashes when importing the file

Freemake imports the file, but crashes if you try to edit the file, and as fenlander says, no audio is available after converting even though it is in the file

Nero Vision imports the file, but only recognises the audio
Might have to give Avidemux a go though as never tried that before.

If you going to try Avidemux, don't use the std installation file (v2.5.6 rev 7716), use one of the beta ones, as it gives more output options

I got mine from the link below v2.6 beta build revison 7719

I normally set the video to 'copy' and the audio to AC3 (lav), and the Output Format to MP4v2 muxer
It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to convert

This plays perfectly in VLC, WMP, MPC, Nero Showtime, Zoom Player, and also on the Hummy with full transport controls
Yes, that version is certainly an improvement. Thanks for the link.
I tried a couple of small clips and so far everything's in 4:3 interlaced. This is easy to correct in VLC, but I need to find the right settings to produce a version with the correct aspect ratio if it's to be seriously usable. Still, it's a 100% improvement on the earlier version I was trying to use.
Yes, that version is certainly an improvement. Thanks for the link.
I tried a couple of small clips and so far everything's in 4:3 interlaced. This is easy to correct in VLC, but I need to find the right settings to produce a version with the correct aspect ratio if it's to be seriously usable. Still, it's a 100% improvement on the earlier version I was trying to use.

If you don't mind the conversion taking a few hours to complete you could try the following setting to convert to interlaced

Video Output
MPEG4 AVC (x264)

Click Filters - this then gives you the options for Transform/swsResize, and Interlacing
I've just been trying that and yes, it does work. I recoded 2 clips to mkv and then tried to load the resulting files into Solveig trimmer. No joy - it refused to recognise the format, even though they played fine in Splash and VLC.
Just to add to the frustration, the two clips I was using - one BBC and one C4 - both recoded perfectly to 720p/mkv in Freemake and subsequently loaded and edited successfully into Solveig.
This whole business of video containers and video/audio stream formats is a complete head-banger.