Freezes when accessing external HDD


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I have tried to play some mp3 files I loaded onto a USB HDD formatted to ext3. It sees the drive and I can navigate to the folder the files are in and then it just sits there and locks up the box. /i had the same problem with it formatted as NTFC. As FAT32 the box turned off as soon as I selected the folder.
An ideas, I am puling my hair out.


All I can think of is you unluckily have hit on a drive which is not supported properly. What is it?
Yes its in a caddy. I also have an Hitachi lifestation external drive. The Booz shuts down when I try that one. I think its meant to use 2 USB ports though so probably sucks too much power.
Just thought I'd add that I've had a few instances in the last 2-3weeks where removing a USB drive has cause the HDR-Fox to lock up.
No recordings or network or external drive activity in progress at the time (except once).
I checked the drives for bad sectors etc (scandisk) but nothing showed up.
Powering off at the back was the only way to get it back.
bayesp - have you tried movies on the same drive?
I'm thinking maybe a problem with the MP3 decoder compatability to file types?