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Front Lights



Is there any way to change the scrolling orange titles on the front of the box?
i.e. turn them off / switch to clock or just dim them?

Also I see the power button circular light is blue when powered up and orange when recording but is it meant to stay orange even when powered down?



Staff member
The ring around the power button is Red when recording, and Orange when on standby, although there is not much difference between them.

The display automatically dims after so long, then goes bright again if a button is pressed.


Staff member
I don't currently know of any way to stop the scrolling display etc. Some people seem to find it offensive, and cover it with something opaque, others have removed the orange filter so that it is brighter and green.

I wonder what the LCD_DIMMING_FLAG configuration item in the userconfig table is used for... I'll have to find time to play.


New Member
I'd be interested in a mod for this too.
In a dark room i find the blue light distracting when watching a film and when the display scrolls and suddenly blinks back to the start of title i keep looking at it :(