Front Panel Display


Hi, I have the Custom FW installed since day 1 and can't remember if the standard FW normally shows the current channel on the front panel display? Unfortunately the manual has no detail on this although browsing other forums with examples makes me think this is the case.
It seems that with the custom FW the clock is on display by default and this can be changed to some extent by the Red Ring utility, is it possible to display other info on the front panel, via Red Ring, or other Custom FW utils?

The default front panel display does show the current channel name, I have redring running and don't get the clock in place of the channel name, I guess maybe you enabled this at some time, the Redring options are all in the Web-If >> setup page and also on the WiKi HERE
Yeah, I had a look in there after doing some searching earlier today and noticed the rediring clock options which is what prompted the question. I guess that I must have played with the settings and not noticed what I changed. Thanks for confirmation of what's default, I'll have another look when I get the chance, probably tomorrow.