frozen current channel and programme on the front page


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I have just loaded the cust' firmware for the first time , It seems to have gone well apart from the section on the web portal seems to be stuck with this " Watching 19: Dave - Top Gear (10:00 - 11:00) [35%]" which what was showing on the box when i first installed it. I have tried a unistall and re install and also a level 3 remove . But it still seems to be stuck.

Anyone know how i can fix this please
Click on the wide grey band at the top of the page, or refresh the page. This should update the watching information.
Yes on the web interface, by the remote and by the mains switch .......done it another time and it now seems to work ....very strange !

Certain things require the box to be rebooted twice, I'm not sure if this was one of them. At least you are working again now.:)
My "watching list" is usually behind the times as well, I have mentioned it (using iPad and therefore little control over clearing caches etc).
Another thing I have noticed is that if the web interface is opened on a tab in IE9 it will not update the watched channel tab, even if it is closed and opened in the tab window. But if it is then closed and opened in a new clean windows on its own it then updates.