FTP access control not available in Internet Settings any more

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I've been implementing the custom firmware. From time to time as one enables one or more of the packages, or transfers files it becomes preferable to use FTP.
  • The standard advice is to go to the settings, internet settings and turn on FTP.
  • However on KZTFT 1.02.28 it isnt available.
  • The customised firmware for 1.02.28 does not reinstate the prompt.
So I've used the web interface and the beta ftp package for file transfers -- and was comfortable with this util I realised that the two run alongside each other, both taking up memory. There is no option to turn off the default ftp server.

Are you sure about this? The HD-FOX (with no internal drive) has no reason for an FTP server, so I'm not at all clear it has one to be enabled (or disabled).

I just checked 1.02.27 and there is no FTP option in the menus.

Further, the custom FTP would not work if the native one was running, so if you are successfully running with the custom FTP that's pretty good evidence there isn't a native one.
Sorry. I thought I was being diligent. Every reference to FTP on the HD T2 refers to the prompt. I've only just got my box and have been implementing the custom firmware. It is possible that it was never implemented. I dont know. But not having it implemented is a strange step to take. I see you dont think it is strange, but from a product design standpoint, the HD was designed to partner with an HDD as an option. Such a design feature, with wireless and ethernet support leads to the logical conclusion that FTP functions would need to be implemented. Humax may not have thought so...
The HD doesn't have a built-in FTP server so the betaftpd package is required. You're right that it's slightly strange, although Humax did originally sell the HD as a set-top box only with no recording functionality.

betaftpd is far better than the built-in one anyway - it's much faster, uses less memory, doesn't crash all the time and supports the full range of FTP commands.