ftp and the full directory tree


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I have installed the custom software (release 13) on my HDRFOXT2 and it is a very nice piece of software. I particularly like the auto decrypt and the ability to see signal strength across all muxes with the web interface. I’ll look to configure the cifs support so I can use a NAS as well as a USB connected drive.

But the ftp now shows the whole Humax directory tree instead of just directories with user-recorded files as previously. All these extra files and directories clutter up the client window, make it more difficult to see what is what and navigate around, particularly if there is more than one USB attached file system mounted. It also risks accidental deletion or modification of system files. Although there is unlikely to be any permanent damage to the system there might be odd consequences and a need for repair.

It would be useful if the Humax-supplied ftp server were NOT replaced as a default when the custom software is installed but was a loadable option for those who want the full file system directory tree under ftp. Or alternatively if this additional ftp feature could be turned off. Is either possible?
Not sure how it is done but it will be possible in some way. I think your idea of hiding the full filesytem for less technical users (or for day-to-day operation) is good. It would certanly reduce the risk of messing something up. Maybe an option can be put into the webif to allow full or limited ftp access.

I just found this thread - somehow I missed it when it was first posted : (

Yes, this does sound like a good idea. In the early days, having an unrestricted FTP server was a useful diagnostic tool for retrieving log files and configuration files but the customised firmware has matured so it is no longer really necessary.

The default Humax FTP server is tinyftp too but they have added some restrictions (only view part of the filesystem and certain file types are hidden from view. It also contains bugs that cause it to crash and disconnect on certain operations). The one in the current customised firmware is the same software and version but without the restrictions and contains some bug fixes.

I'll look at making it an optional install for future firmware versions, as well as packaging a better alternative FTP server for those who want it (PASV support would be nice for starters!).