ftp speed?



I am only getting between 700kbps and 1200kbps while ftping from my humax to my pc, does that speed appear to be quite normal? I would have thought 10mbs would be more in order over a local network. maybe there is some settings for the ftp transfer speed somewhere?
I remember my old dreambox receiver would ftp to my pc at around 10mbps. im using a sky d-link router over wireless. maybe a network cable would be much quicker? but I dont want to use cables.

For what it's worth, I get ~10MB/sec transferring from PC to Humax, and 11.5MB/sec from Humax to PC (via FTP, windows 7).

When you say you're using wireless, presumably you;re using a USB wifi dongle on the humax? I'd try a straight network cable to rule out box issues, it's almost certainly the dongle / signal strength though.
I have a cable from the humax to the router but my laptop is wireless, Ill try a cable to the laptop and see how it goes...