FTP Upload Fail - Again

Ezra Pound

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I have created this thread for user : smoo who created a thread called FTP Upload Fail, it seems to have gone read only e.g. can't reply to it, here is smoos post :-

I can no longer upload files to my hdr-fox t2. It was working fine until my laptop crashed, and since then no joy. I can still read files on the hdr and watch them with VLC, or copy them off the hdr with ftp.
But I get errors when trying to copy files to it, sometimes server is reset, other times 451 ...local error in processing.
TV portal still works.
In the settings menu edit channels and installation are greyed out.
Tried switching it off and on again.
rebooted router
reinstalled network adapter on laptop
I tried connecting with my android smartphone using an ftp client, it connects but I can't see any folders, so I don't know if this should work or not.
Any ideas what could be wrong?