Full libc?


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Would it be possible to include a full libc into the ROM fs?

I am asking because I am fiddling with flvstreamer, and it does not seem to work with libuc. However, I can use the binary from debian mipsel linked against the standard libc, and it works fine! Only setting up libc (and especially ld.so) on a read-only file system is a bit of a pain, hence the question.

Being able to run packages from Debian (stable in this case) might be quite a useful option for some of the more obscure tools.
PS: Actually I got flvstreamer to work just fine with libuc. So I will see whether get_iplayer works, too. However, a full libc6 might still be a useful addition.
It would be possible but it isn't really suitable for the embedded environment. uClibc is optimised for it and should work with almost anything.

To quote from the uClibc FAQ http://uclibc.org/FAQ.html#why

To quote from Ulrich Drepper, the maintainer of GNU libc: "...glibc is not the right thing for [an embedded OS]. It is designed as a native library (as opposed to embedded). Many functions (e.g., printf) contain functionality which is not wanted in embedded systems."