Getting a lot of crashes


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As per the title, have been getting a lot of random crashes over the last 2 weeks. Humax had been very stable prior to that. crash.log as follows..

>>> Contents of /mod/tmp/crash.log 426.00 bytes
Humax crashed at Sun Mar 10 08:10:53 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 108
Humax crashed at Tue Mar 19 16:51:07 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 31321
Humax crashed at Wed Mar 27 16:23:08 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 29649
Humax crashed at Thu Mar 28 20:52:23 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 45802
Humax crashed at Fri Mar 29 08:17:32 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 512
Humax crashed at Sat Mar 30 10:09:36 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 7235
Humax crashed at Sat Mar 30 10:11:56 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 66

Humax is set to turn on at 8.10 am. Crash this morning happened whilst I was just browsing the EPG, machine froze, rebooted after about 30 seconds, got the 'Cust FW' banner, but then then it went into standby. I witnessed a previous one like this too.

Running latest custom firmware, and have not added any new packages recently. Not running Twonky, or have any corrupt files that could be getting indexed, therefore am wondering whether any automatic package updates that have happened in the last couple of weeks could have anything to do with it.

General diagnostic passed, and ran fix disks yesterday which didn't throw up anything. Any ideas how to proceed from here?
Be aware that if the Humax + custom firmware crashes within a short time of boot (I forget - is it 30 seconds?), the CF goes into protection mode and disables a variety of packages in case they are causing the crash.

Try turning content sharing off - this will prevent decryption, but will be indicative if the crashes stop.
Not running Cyberlink either. Will also try content sharing off, but have just done a factory reset as well to see if that helps. If if continues then are there any other useful log files to interrogate? Would probably try firmware reload next.

Another thought is that I have a folder full of Shaun The Sheep episodes that sat static at about 75 episodes until recently. With the new series now being shown, this has started to climb even higher, and I'd also turned on auto dedup, unencrypt and shrink for it, which it previously didn't have enabled. Could any of these working on a folder with lots of files in have any adverse effect? Content sharing off will disable this anyway.