Global Warming. (It had to happen sooner or later here)


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With all the stuff about global warming, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, flooding everywhere and the disappearance of the Maldive Islands etc., is it a good idea to build an airport in the Thames estuary?
I wonder if the planners of this project and the Government know more than they want to admit and know that global warming etc. is a load of baloney and just used as an excuse to raise more 'green' taxes and spend (waste) shedloads of our money on stupid windmills etc. to try to substantiate (justify) an urban myth that based on hysteria and not on fact?


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It struck me, while watching the program about the billion pound railway, that the spoil could have been used on such an airport project.
Anyone know where they actually dumped the large amount of spoil?

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So, have the new tunnels capsized yet? That way of stopping subsidence looked straight from the pen of Heath Robinson.


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I think the method was largely that employed for the Pisa tower - both for stopping the sinking, and for partially re-righting it.

The link for the disposition fill was proposals raised back in 2009 or earlier - I haven't seen any actual reports of disposition (or tunnel collapse)