Green Flecky lines


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I have hooked it up to an LG 50" Plasma using the cable supplied and a decent aerial cable but the picture had a line going across the picture with Green "Flecks" in it. Changed to a Belkin HDMI lead and made a new Aerial lead all of which test as OK on my other HDR-FOX-T2. the Box is set to output 720p as it's a cheap LG. If I don't cold restart the flecks go but the picture "breaks" up when changing the leads. If nobody has come across this my next move is to exchange the boxes to eliminate the box as the problem. Any Ideas?
Swapped into the other FOX location and it still does it whereas "MY" fox is okay on the New TV. Warranty exchange in progress.
You read many times on here and in fact I say it as well HDMI leads are all the same but........ a poorly made HDMI lead will cause little green flecks on 1080 in particular. Try another lead. I have a HDMI switch causes green flashing on 1080 clean on 720. Also could be a clocking error on your tv which will be much worse with a poor lead