Green Screen, what to do?

Andy MacRae

New Member
I've had my HDR-FOX-T2 for about months now. This morning the box was on & working ok. I turned it off for a few minutes to play with my daughter. She then got hold of the remote & turned the TV on & switched the source to a different input. When I restarted the T2 there was nothing but a green screen.

Previously I have had to reselect the source & it has worked fine.

I have rebooted the T2 several times now, but with no luck. The box has been left idel for a few minutes before rebooting also. I have seen another thread which says that the box should boot off the HDMI port fully, then switch the source to HDMI. I have tried this also, but no luck.

Any ideas what I can do please? Hopefully it wont be a return to humax :S
Before anything else I would try a complete restart from cold - power off at the wall all the way around, then bring up the telly and then the Humax. If still no result, try a different input on the telly.
That happens to me occasionally too. I have to turn the TV off and on to cure it. No amount of power cycling the Hummy works - not for me anyway.
We get this often too, if the timing isn't right between the Samsung TV and the hummy. Waiting for the HDR to properly power down and then powering it up before putting the telly on works. The hummy HAS to get to the channel display on the front before attempting to get the telly on, otherwise no go. If the telly is on first, sometimes it will display the picture first then go to the green screen. Real pain in the proverbial.... especially when the HDR was recording something and wouldn't power down properly. Don't know of another fix, but would love to hear one.
Thanks for the replies. Powering down both the Hummy & TV worked. I left both off for about ten minutes & it booted up fine.

Hopefully it wont happen again :)