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I've set up a favourites list and rarely watch channels that aren't in it. However, the group in the guide changes back to TV at random intervals. I haven't been able to identify a behavioural pattern or other possible cause for this. Does anyone know what causes this and, even better, how to stop it happening?

Thanks, Steve.

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We've had this in HDR-FOX land. I don't use favourites, but it has been reported that it improved with later firmwares (although they should already be incorporated into 1800T/2000T). IIRC, the trick is to make sure you select the service from the favourites list and nowhere else (I might have got that wrong, I'm sure somebody will pick it up). The CF for HD/HDR-FOX provides a means to enforce a favourites selection at boot.


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If it works in the same way as the Fox T2, if you change groups in the EPG (blue button). You need to switch to one of the channels therein, whilst in the EPG, to get the group to stick. Otherwise the group returns to its previous setting when you exit.


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Thanks for the replies. Interesting... I occasionally select BBC News HD by punching in 107 rather than going into the guide, but haven't linked that to the group changing.... I'll experiment and see what happens.