Hangs since recent re-tuning


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My Humax HDR-FOX T2 is hanging a lot when I try to set programs. For example tonight on Channel 5+1 Person of interest is on. When I attempt to record it, it hangs when I select series record. I have to turn it off and on again using the switch at the back. It has also reset a couple of times

This has only happened after the recent retune, not before

Has anyone else having this problem. Is there a solution. I am using the modified firmware
When you say "it has also reset a couple of times", you mean it has rebooted by itself?

There are a few things that can cause misoperation: corrupt file system; corrupt recording; something conflicting on your home network when content sharing is turned on. However, as this seems to be connected with the recording database the first thing to try is a factory reset.

This will mean you have to set up your tuning again, your recording schedule will be cleared, and a variety of other settings will need to be restored (which I will list in a minute) so make sure you know how they are set up beforehand. Your existing recordings will remain untouched, the custom firmware remains untouched (although as you have had random reboots some of the packages may have gone into protective disable), and you will be able to restore your recording schedule (after retuning) using the WebIF.

Things to check before factory reset (not exhaustive, just the things that might be overlooked):
  • Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time >> Power On Timer / Power Off Timer
  • Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time >> Recording (all settings)
  • Menu >> Settings >> System >> Power Management >> Power Saving in Standby
  • Menu >> Settings >> System >> Power Management >> Automatic Power Down
  • Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Configure LAN / Wi-Fi (according to which you use)
  • Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share
  • Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> FTP Server
When you are satisfied, run the factory reset. When you retune, if you receive signals from more than one transmitter abort the automatic scan and use the manual tuning procedure linked to through Things Every... section 2. It is reported that standard firmware 1.02.32 makes a better job of retuning, but I would not advise updating your firmware just for that - when trying to locate a problem change as few things as possible. (It would be useful to state your current firmware versions, standard and custom.)

Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default
Yes I mean reboot, usually after trying to use scheduler
If I reset will I lose my recordings? I have checked the hard drive, and it reported no problems
Mine hasn't bombed out but the schedule clash detection has been mad yesterday/today (Sat/Sun). I wondered if it had more to do with the clock change than retuning (which I did several days ago). As with the OP Person of Interest is one of the programmes involved.

Yesterday it was allowing me to schedule 3 overlapping (by 60 minutes or so, not just a little) programmes for Sunday without any warning/error. Today I deleted the reservations and remade them - with just Foyle set up if I tried to do PoI as a series it claimed a time clash!?! But if I set it as just the programme it took it perfectly OK.
Gaagghh! So I left it at that for tonight's recordings and I'll have another try at it tomorrow.
There may be some bugs in the EPG data being broadcast - if so there's nothing we can do about it.
It can theoretically record 3 shows at once if the shows are on the same channel set (I forget the technical word for this)

Hmmmm. Beef with Apple. Sounds delicious.
It can theoretically record 3 shows at once if the shows are on the same channel set (I forget the technical word for this).

Channel set = a 'Mux' or Multiplex, a group of Digital channels on the same Radio Frequency carrier. 3 recordings can be made (on 1 or 2 Muxes NOT 3) by seting 2 to be recording and watching a third, after one of the two recorded programs has finished the live time buffer of the 'watched' program can be re-wound to the start of the program and recorded using the 'record' button