Hard Drives to Use with the HD-FOX T2


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No. I've transferred 1-4GB files from my T2 to a FAT32 partition on an external drive and each file took no more than a few minutes.

I'd format the external hard disk. This can be done with the T2 as follows:
Menu - Settings - System - Data Storage
The internal HDD is displayed. Cursor right and select the external drive from the list.
Cursor down to select Format Storage. Confirm.

I haven't actually done this! - all my drives are formatted - so I can't advise how long it will take.

You could also format the external drive on your Windows PC using something like Easeus Partition Manager (free edition), currently version 8.1. This will let you partition and format your external drive (with a drive that big I'd feel inclined to split it into 2 x 1TB, but it's entirely your choice). Easeus can format to FAT32 or ext3. Of course, you could also format with ext3 on a linux system as it is a native linux format.

Don't format the drive with NTFS - the T2 can read NTFS-formatted drives, but not write to them.


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One other thought - a long shot, but you never know....
I assume you've used the USB2 cable supplied with the drive to connect it to the T2, not some old USB1.1 jobbie??
still copying this morning!!

yes i used the cable supplied with the hdd

i'll try to fornat thru the humax first i guess as thats all i want to use it for

cheers for all advice
i pulled plug and then just tried with one of the films and it transferred within a minute or so, and the same with the 2nd, a 3rd stalled again, pulled plug, began again and it worked in a minute, 4th seems to have stalled

this is without formatting, seems odd to my non techy mind?

off out for the day but will format thru t2 later and see what happens