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Harmony remotes (newer, e.g. Touch) and alternative IR mode


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hi all,

I've noticed what seems to be a bug in the Harmony system's setting of the Humax IR mode.

I've used IR mode 2 on my T2 for years, since I have a FoxSat HDR sitting next to it, which uses IR mode 1. This works perfectly, and when I installed the Harmony system years ago, I used the Silverlight app to configure it, and tell it to use mode 2 for the T2, and all worked fine.

In the process of trying to debug my problem noted here, I wanted to change the IR mode to 3 to see if that helped (it didn't).

The Harmony system has moved on, and now I configure it via the Android app (I'm not sure if the Silverlight app still exists). This claims to have the ability to change the IR "language" under its "device version" setting.

But it doesn't quite work as it's presented.

In short, setting IR to "3", via the Android app, results in Humax IR mode 2, i.e. it uses the 0x10fa modifier (tested with ir3/debugon and also by whether the Harmony remote controlled the Humax or not).

Setting the Harmony Android app to "2", results in Humax IR mode 1, i.e. it uses the 0x1000 modifier.

I thought I'd be clever, and set the Android app to "4", to get Humax IR mode 3, but that resulted in:

Real IR code: 00000000 0xde217f80 (21) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xde217f80 (21) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xdf207f80 (20) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xdf207f80 (20) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xde217f80 (21) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xde217f80 (21) [foreign=1]
which doesn't look like any mode listed here.

Anyone else noticed this? Am I going mad? :)

thanks very much.